Owners Can Relax As Chevy Adds New Valet Mode to Corvette


No fun for valets in the 2015 Corvette Stingray.

Building on the system offered on the 2014 C7 Stingray, GM has unveiled a new Valet Mode for the Performance Data Recorder (PD) on the 2015 model, providing even more features to keep valets from misbehaving and helping owners to better monitor their rides. Enter a special code, and the current Valet Mode locks the glove box and center-console storage, and nixes the radio. For the 2015 Vette and Z06, capabilities have been expanded to take advantage of the PDR.

Activating Valet Mode now, will enable drivers to record video via the rearview-mirror-mounted HD camera, and note telemetry data such as speed, gear choice and rpm.

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After receiving the car, owners can watch video and review vehicle data on the car’s eight-inch screen or download it to a computer. While the PDR, co-developed with Cosworth, was designed for track days, Chevy has devised an alternative purpose to prevent parking lot mishaps and Ferris Bueller-inspired joyrides.