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Owning a Classic Car Can Cost You Less Than $3,000

You just have to know where to shop.

Whenever you hear about the classic car buying experience, you may think it’s something you’ll never be able to afford to do. Those highly publicized classic car auctions usually take center stage and it’s there where beautiful old Ferraris, Shelbys, and countless others makes are sold to the highest bidders. But don’t be deterred; owning a classic car in beautiful condition is something very attainable, something the publisher of Haggerty Classic Cars, along with two fellow auto scribe co-hosts, demonstrate at Cars and Coffee Portland.

The mission: 3 guys, each with no more than $3,000 to spend. Can a maximum budget of $9k result in the purchase of three great classics? And yes, Craigslist can be very addictive when searching for interesting cars.

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