Owning A US Military Surplus Humvee Has Become A Huge Pain In The Ass

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Buying one was the easy and cheap part.

A few months ago, the order books were opened for those who wanted to buy a US military surplus Humvee. Starting price: around $10,000. This was the first time these used and abused Humvees would be sold to the public instead of being sent straight to the scrap yard. The sales numbers went beyond expectations. According to Fox News, a total of 1,100 Humvees were sold with a maximum price of $41,000. But there's a bit of a problem: not one of them is street legal. They'd be delivered to their new owners with no title and therefore couldn't be registered.

After a few months of back-and-fourth between the auction house and US government, current and future Humvee owners can now relax; they will all soon receive a GSA form SF97-1. What does that do? It'll allow buyers to request a title for their Humvee, but the haggle of it all won't stop there. The next challenge will be for owners to deal with state emissions laws. California in particular will be a problem due to its strict regulations. When the Humvees were in service, they were exempt from smog laws but now they'll need to pass the test. Most won't due to their dated engines so owners may be forced to swap out that motor for something newer like a GM Duramax V8. Still though, a surplus Humvee can cost you as little as $5,000.

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