Owning An Expensive Car Comes With A Surprising Amount Of Problems

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Owning your "dream" car might not be perfect after all.

We imagine hitting it big one day and being able to buy the cars of our dreams. Owning a car that costs close to a million dollars sounds like the perfect life to us, but YouTuber Salomondrin wanted to show people that it's not all it's cracked up to be. We usually don't like these videos where rich people "complain" about things they hate about their supercar, but Salomondrin takes a different approach. Rather than tell us what is wrong with any of his amazing cars, Salomondrin acts out a few annoying situations that supercar owners have to deal with.

Although owning an Acid Green 918 sounds awesome, we are sure that Salomondrin gets constant attention from people who tell him that he could have fed Africa instead of buying his car. The video is all staged, but the part of the annoying onlooker is played by Salomondrin's friend who certainly made us laugh.

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