Owning Any Of These Lamborghinis Will Make A Grown Man Cry

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And there's no shame in that.

There was a time when each of these three Lamborghinis was likely a poster on your bedroom wall. They were exotic and special then and they remain so today, only now their values are rising fast. Coming up next month at the Silverstone Auction, three wonderful old school Lamborghinis will be up for grabs, a pair of Countachs and a Diablo. Let's start with the former. The first Countach is a rare right-hand-drive 1983 5000S. It was sold new by Lamborghini London to Prince Salmon of Saudi Arabia, and has a total output of 375 hp and 308 lb-ft of torque.

It's gone through a series of owners over the years, all of whom meticulously maintained the car. Estimated sale price? £275,000 – £325,000. The second Countach is one of our favorites: a 1989 25th Anniversary Edition, designed by none other than Horacio Pagani. This example is also a rare right-hand-drive version with just over 8,000 miles on the clock. Its first owner was a woman named Cleo Roberts, who later went on to marry Carroll Shelby. Expect to see it go for £250,000 – £300,000. Lastly, there's the Diablo. This one is particularly cool because it's a 1991 model, still early in the car's lifecycle.

It was first owned by a guy in Monaco and with only 28,760 miles on the odometer, it's in fabulous condition and has recently been serviced and re-commissioned by Gara Engineering. A more modest £90,000 – £110,000 sale price is expected, but like the Countach, Diablos will continue to increase in value over the coming years (Hint: buy now). The Silverstone Auction will take place on May 20 at the Silverstone Circuit. Photos courtesy of Silverstone Auctions.

Source Credits: www.silverstoneauctions.com

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