P1 GTR Vs. 675LT Shows How Different Hypercars And Supercar Are

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Of course the P1 GTR wins. By how much is the only question.

Racing a McLaren P1 GTR against a McLaren 675LT just isn't fair. The P1 GTR is a track-only monster that makes gobs of downforce and almost 1,000 horsepower (it has 986 ponies). By comparison the 675LT looks rather tame with "only" 666 horsepower. Obviously the P1 GTR will be the fastest around the track, so why even bother watching this video from Evo? Because watching fast cars go fast is always fun. Also, it's an awesome way to see just how much better a track-only supercar performs than a track-focused supercar.

The hot lap is held at Anglesey Circuit in Wales, a familiar track to those who follow Evo's exploits. What may not be so familiar is the shining sun washing over the two supercars.

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As expected the P1 GTR absolutely wallops the 675LT, hustling around the track over four seconds faster. Watch the race a few times and the difference between the two supercars on the track becomes clear. The 675LT just can't take the same lines as the P1 GTR. This isn't a new revelation by any means of course. It's just nice to see the two cars juxtaposed in the same video. Do yourself a favor and turn up the volume and close your eyes. The wastegate on the P1 GTR makes such a sweet sound.

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