Packard Plant Becoming Kick-Ass Go-Kart Track

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Here's hoping that this latest attempt to save a Detroit landmark succeeds.

The problem of abandoned buildings is one which Detroit residents are all too familiar. While some could simply be torn down, many are of historical or architectural importance, such as the Michigan Central Station, now 100 years old but empty since 1988. Probably the second most iconic abandoned building in the city would be the Packard plant, which has seen several attempts to revive it since Packard shut down in 1958.

The cost of renovating the 3.5 million square foot factory has always ended up being too big an obstacle, and the plant was nearly torn down last year. But a new buyer has appeared, Fernando Palazuelo, a Peruvian developer. And he has big plans. The biggest part of the plan is to turn a large section of the plant into an upscale go-kart track, something which there is certainly enough space for. He also wants to talk Ford, GM and Chrysler into opening parts stores in the facility. We think it's a fantastic idea, as it would not only preserve the landmark, but also some of its automotive past. Now let's see if it actually happens.

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