Pagani Building One Last Zonda

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Last Zonda to be called 764 Passione and incorporate the best elements of every model that came before - plus some pink brake calipers.

When Pagani unveiled the new Huayra, it initially said that it would continue to produce the Zonda on an as-demanded basis for customers who still wanted to customize their supercars beyond what Pagani could do with the new Huayra. That line is now reportedly coming to an end, however, as the Italian supercar manufacturer is apparently building the very last Zonda that will ever roll out of its factory in Modena. After that, the model will be permanently retired after twelve years of production that started with the original Zonda C12.

The reason for the Zonda's discontinuation is reportedly because Mercedes-AMG has stopped building the naturally-aspirated V12 engine that forms its heart as it focusses instead on the new twin-turbo unit for the Huayra. Before the Zonda roars off into the sunset, however, Zonda will reportedly make one last unique version for an eagerly awaiting customer. Tipped to be called the Zonda 764 Passione, it is said to be finished in unpainted carbon fiber with pink accents. It will be based on the mechanics of the Zonda 760 RS - complete with the 760-horsepower version of the 7.3-liter V12 engine - along with the more aggressive aerodynamic enhancements.

Expect it to look like something of a blend between the limited-edition Zonda Cinque and the competition-spec Zonda R. And like the 760 LH built for F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, the 764 Passione will incorporate a six-speed manual transmission instead of a sequential paddle-shift transmission. In other words - pink accents notwithstanding - the final Zonda will be a fitting way to end over a decade of production of one of the world's finest supercars. (Pictured is a color-adjusted rendering of the Zonda R, followed by photos of some previous special-edition Paganis.)

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