Pagani Builds Yet Another Bespoke Zonda For A Rich Customer


After nearly 20 years, the Zonda still refuses to die – but we're not complaining when the one-offs look this good.

It's become a recurring joke that the Pagani Zonda refuses to die. The legendary Italian supercar was supposed to retire back in 2013 with the launch of the track-only Revolucion before being replaced by the Huayra. And yet Pagani keeps resurrecting it with one-off commissions for extremely wealthy customers: Pagani has built three unique Zondas this year alone, culminating with the HP Barchetta built to celebrate the company founder's 70th birthday.

We were convinced this was the last ever Zonda, since it seemed like an appropriate swansong. We should have known better, because yet another bespoke Zonda has emerged. Details are scarce for now, but according to Motor1 the unnamed Zonda was commissioned by a customer of the Russian tuning company TopCar Design, and is being built at Pagani's new factory in San Cesario Sul Panaro, Modena ready to be delivered in spring 2018. It's being described as an "original" car, implying that this isn't an update of an existing car like the Zonda F-based Riveria revealed earlier this year.

Render photos shared by TopCar show that the supercar has some similarities with the Cinque Roadster and Tricolore. This latest one-off Zonda features an exposed blue carbon fiber body adorned with colored stripes representing the Italian flag on the hood and sides complemented with gold wheels. The Italian flag can also be seen on the sides of the massive rear wing and carbon fiber roof scoop. The exterior is covered in carbon fiber, from the front fender vents and splitter, to the side skirts, mirror and rear diffuser, while the interior has also been given the carbon fiber treatment providing a striking contrast to the retro-inspired steering wheel, handbrake lever, and gear stick.

No performance details have been revealed at this point, but like all other Zondas you can expect it to be powered by an AMG-sourced V12. For reference, the Cinque, which the car appears to be based on, produces 670 horsepower and 575 lb-ft of torque. Pagani still seems reluctant to kill off the Zonda which first debuted way back in 1999, but if the company keeps producing one-offs that look as stunning as this then we're not going to complain. It's a testament to the design that the Zonda still doesn't look dated, despite being nearly 20 years old.

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