Pagani Designs State-Of-The-Art Jet Cabin Inspired By Its Hypercars

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Think they offer frequent flyer miles towards this?

Pagani and Airbus have just announced their joint effort jet cabin design project, called Infinito. It was only a matter of time until a major corporation, like Airbus, sought out Pagani's design skills for something like this. The result, as can be expected, is quite something. Continuing with Pagani's "Art and Science can walk together hand in hand" philosophy, this state-of-the-art cabin features composite materials that've never been used before in an aircraft, such as Carbo Titanium.

The jet itself is an Airbus ACJ320 which is said to already have the widest and tallest business jet cabin out there. But the Infinito cabin takes things even further, with nature-inspired curves that form a pathway through the cabin. One of which switches from opaque to transparent at the touch of a button. Like with Pagani's hypercars, there are soft-leather carpets and wooden floor contrasting with carbon fiber in furniture and wall-frames, which is meant to echo the combination of Leonardo Da Vinci's art and science philosophy. Pagani interior designers did the initial design, while Airbus jet designers made sure all of those ideas were compatible with the aircraft.

"Applying our Renaissance touch into the wider spaces of Airbus corporate jet cabins is the beginning of an exciting new venture for us," stated the man himself, Horacio Pagani. Just looking at everything here, this is definitely not the typical flying experience.

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