Pagani Huayra Price List Released

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Unsurprisingly, everything on it is terrifyingly expensive.

When buying a supercar, the official "base" price that's given is always well short of what you'll actually pay, and in some cases, that price can be more than doubled through the option list. Well, we now have the price list for the Pagani Huayra, and although it isn't quite as long as the lists from certain manufacturers, there are some pretty staggeringly expensive items on it. The base price for the car itself comes in at €1,056,000 ($1,424,966.60).


That's a lot of money, but not a surprising amount given the company the car keeps. But those opting for the full carbon-fiber bodywork will have to part with an additional €112,500 ($151,807), making it the most expensive item on the list. But the most shocking item is the €3,750 ($5,060) option to have your brake calipers painted. There is also the option to have custom design and color touches made to your own specifications. The price for this is simply listed as "upon request"; we can only imagine.

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