Pagani Planning Something Special For Zonda's 20th Anniversary

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Pagani told us there's a big surprise coming to Geneva.

Twenty years ago at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show, a former Lamborghini employee named Horacio Pagani unveiled his first supercar that bore his name, the C12 Zonda. With this year's Geneva show less than a month away, we can exclusively report that Pagani has special plans for the Zonda's 20th anniversary.

Communication and PR Manager Giulia Roncarati confirmed to CarBuzz there will be a special debut, though she refused to divulge details at this time. "It will be a big surprise that we know everyone will love," she told us. "But right now we're keeping it a secret."


Two years ago at Geneva, the Huayra Roadster premiered, but Pagani didn't have anything new or major to present at 2018's show. Could 2019 be different? We'll see. We do have some educated guesses, however.

One possibility is a final Zonda, though Pagani was pretty adamant production ceased in 2017 with the Zonda Barchetta. Pagani has said more than once that no more Zondas would be built but has continued building them for select clients.

Another possibility is a multi-Zonda display, showcasing some of the best Zondas. Among them are the Zonda F, Tricolore, Cinque, and the track-only Revolucion.

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For the nearly two decades, Pagani has built Zondas to order, all tailored to buyers' personal tastes. Owners include Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton and members of Middle Eastern royal families. Pagani does its best to keep tabs on every Zonda (and Huayra) it's built for not only historical purposes, but to also offer owners maintenance when the need arises. After all, Pagani does have its own flying car doctor/mechanic, who travels anywhere in the world when an owner needs his help.

While the Zonda has undergone many improvements over the years, it has always retained a Mercedes-built, mid-mounted naturally aspirated V12 engine. We'll know what Pagani has planned for 2019 in just a few weeks so stay tuned.


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