Pagani Planning To Launch Fully Electric Hypercar By 2025


A replacement for the Huayra with a manual option is also on the way

The Pagani Huayra has been around since 2012, but the hypercar scene has changed considerably since its arrival. It comes as no surprise, then, to learn Pagani is fighting back and plans a replacement for the Huayra. News site Autodato reports the Huayra's successor will once again be powered by an AMG sourced, twin-turbo engine, as is tradition for Pagani hypercars. Unlike its rivals, however, it won't be a hybrid, as it will be able to pass California's strict emission standards without resorting to electrification.

The replacement will also be offered with a manual gearbox in response to huge demand from Pagani customers, as well as a manually operated automatic gearbox. It isn't the only new hypercar Pagani is cooking up, however. During an interview with Argentinian TV company El Tres, Horacio Pagani revealed the automaker will launch a fully electric hypercar by 2025. A team of 20 are already working on Pagani's first ever EV, which will rival the likes of Rimac and McLaren's upcoming electric Ultimate Series. Pagani will still produce traditional combustion engine-powered hypercars as long as there is still a demand for them. However, Pagani it believes interest will wane by 2025.


While Pagani typically only produces one car at a time, it's expected both the Huayra successor and the EV will be manufactured simultaneously. It's a sign that Pagani is responding to the times as more manufacturers are resorting to electrification to build some of the fastest hypercars in the world. One industry trend we won't see Pagani conform to is autonomous technology. Pagani dismissed self-driving cars as "toys," arguing that cars are designed to be driven. Never change, Pagani. Never change.


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