Pagani Reveals Zonda Revolucion

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The latest Pagani Zonda looks to be the greatest, and could be the last.

The Huayra was supposed to replace the Zonda in Pagani's progression of prodigious performance machines. But Horacio seems reluctant to let his baby go, particularly when there are still customers eager to place orders for the Zonda, which is apparently easier to customize than its successor. And so we've seen what's seemed like an endless array of unique Zondas, each said to be the last. The latest (and again, possibly the last) Zonda to roll out of the factory in Modena is the Revolucion.


More extreme than any version until now, the Pagani Zonda Revolucion packs more power burdened by less weight. Motivation comes from the same 6.0-liter V12 engine built for Pagani by Mercedes-AMG, but tuned to produce 800 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. The body has also been stripped down to just 2,360 lbs, which as our friends at Motor Authority point out, makes it lighter than a Mazda MX-5. And that is a terrifying thought indeed. To help trim weight, the chassis has been constructed from Pagani's own carbon-titanium weave, draped in carbon-fiber bodywork.

Pagani has also recalibrated the six-speed sequential transmission to bring shift times down to just 20 milliseconds, tightened up the suspension, upgraded the brakes and optimized the aerodynamics. It's even got an F1-style adaptive rear wing controlled by a button on the steering wheel. Which is all very impressive, but try not to like it too much: Only five will be made, each said to cost over $2.8 million - and four have already been sold at the Vanishing Point gathering of Pagani owners where it was just unveiled.

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