Pagani Roadster Zonda S 7.3

With its 7.3 liter AMG built V12 under the hood, the Pagani Roadster S 7.3 is, as you can imagine, the open-roof version of the standard coupe. And like the latter, the roadster is consumed with attention to details in every corner, both inside and out. The roadster was originally limited to a grand total of 40 units, but the actual number can't be confirmed. It's known that at least nine were built and all of them have been sold.

The car was designed by Modena Design and is a showcase of what a modern Italian mid-engine supercar should look like: beautiful, yet voracious. One look at the roadster (and coupe) and your immediate reaction is that this sucker is wicked fast. Without going into comparative statistics involving the competition, the car is faster than a fifth grade fat kid getting knocked out in a game of dodgeball. That should pretty much clear up the bottom line.

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