Pagani Sold A Record Number Of Hypercars In 2017

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And this year the Huayra Roadster is heading to the US.

Pagani does not operate like other mainstream brands, Ferrari and Lamborghini included. The small, Italy-based hypercar company builds cars in very limited numbers, meaning each one is custom-built. Pagani has just announced that 2017 was its strongest sales year to date thanks to a 29 percent increase in sales from 2016. Remember, Pagani builds just two models, the Huayra and, every now and then, another Zonda. The fact that Pagani's sales are increasing with just those two, seven-figure hypercars is quite impressive.

Next week at Geneva Pagani will show its US-market Huayra Roadster as well as the Zonda HP Barchetta. We first saw the latter last August at Pebble Beach. Consider it to be the ultimate Zonda, as it was built as founder Horacio Pagani's personal vision of what the Zonda ought to be. As for the Huayra Roadster, don't expect to see one roll into some Cars and Coffee event any time soon. Pagani has re-affirmed production for it will be limited to just 100 examples worldwide – and it's already sold out. Mr. Pagani himself stated that he's bringing the US spec Roadster to Geneva "as a demonstration of our commitment in developing a global product, complying with the most stringent applicable standards."

In other Pagani news, 2017 also saw the launch of the Rinascimento program, which restores old Paganis to their original factory condition. Pagani guarantees its commitment to maintaining and refurbishing as many of the original components as possible. It also continues to increase its R&D investments, which have grown by 86 percent in 4 years. Lastly, Pagani's customer service network expanded with newly established partnerships in Germany, South Africa, Republic of the Philippines and Southern California. We've already scheduled some chat and espresso with Mr. Pagani himself next week and we're excited to bring you all the latest.

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