Pagani Teases 900-HP Huayra R One More Time

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We should see it in all its glory soon.

When it comes to the art of dramatic, visceral performance, few do it as well as Pagani. The brand just knows how to make a car beautiful and brilliant, and with hits like the Zonda R in its repertoire, you can be sure that the Italian automaker knows how to turn things up to 11. With the on-again, off-again discontinuation of the Zonda, Pagani gave us the masterpiece that is the Huayra as a successor. But that car has been around for some time now, which means that the company is getting ready for its next piece of automotive art. But before we say goodbye to the Huayra, Pagani will give it the R treatment too, and the latest teaser shows that it will be anything but subtle.
Pagani Automobili
Pagani Automobili
Autostyle Design Competition/YouTube

As you can see from that enormous rear wing, the Huayra R will be even more extreme than the Huayra BC. While all the details are yet to be released, we've been teased in the past with paintings and have also been tantalized by the sound of the Huayra R's bespoke, naturally aspirated V12 with 900 horsepower on tap. But back to the teaser - the shadowy silhouette reveals little, but you can see a very flat underbody, vortex generators on either end of the rear fascia, and some very wide tires. Assuming that the Huayra R follows the same recipe as its predecessor, those tires will be track-only slicks wrapped around some gorgeous center-lock wheels, likely constructed of either magnesium or even full carbon.

Front Angle View Pagani
Top View Pagani

We also expect the vast majority, if not all, of the body to be constructed from naked carbon fiber. Assuming that the Huayra R is as mental as the Zonda R, that 9,500-rpm V12 will be practically unsilenced and the car itself will be unsuitable for road use. Depending on how extreme it is, it may be banned from most racetracks that have noise limits. Whatever happens, and however Pagani decides to build the car, that 6.3-liter N/A V12 will certainly become a collector's piece on its own. That being said, Pagani has a habit of releasing special editions of special editions, so the Huayra R may not be the last nor the most extreme Huayra ever. But nothing will change how excited we are to see it unveiled.

Front Angle View Pagani
Rear Angle View Pagani

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