Pagani Teases The Incredible Hardcore Huayra

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Stop teasing us and reveal the supercar already!

It's been a few months since we've heard or seen anything on the upcoming, more track-oriented Pagani Huyara. We've seen the hardcore supercar being driven around and featuring some truly remarkable aero components, but the automaker has kept everything extremely close to its chest. In a Facebook post today, Pagani posted a picture of a Huayra and it looks similar to the hardcore Pagani that we've seen driving around. There's not a lot of information to go off of in the post, but we might know what the supercar's name will be.

The post stated that "2016 is coming," and used hashtags "#pagani" and "#huayrabc." So the hardcore Huayra might be called the BC and we already know that it will come out in 2016.

From the extremely dark photo, we can see that the camouflaged supercar has an enormous fixed wing, an aggressive front splitter and a new diffuser. Needless to say, the supercar looks incredible and we can't wait for to get some more information on the vehicle. Video courtesy of PurePerformance.

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