Pagani Wants To Restore All Of Those Original Zondas


It's called Pagani Rinascimento. Even the name sounds fancy.

Pagani launched its first Zonda way back in 1999. It’s built just 137 supercars since then and is still interested in keeping tabs on every single one of them. Each Zonda and Huayra is a part of founder Horacio Pagani’s vision of the ideal supercar, a true blend of art and science. So it comes as no surprise that Pagani has launched its own in-house restoration program. Called Pagani Rinascimento, the restoration program’s goal is to preserve the integrity of the first Zondas.

“No bolt or screw is left out during the restoration activity: each component is observed, examined and restored in order to return to the perfect and original blend of art and technology,” according to Pagani. Because of the limited production count, Pagani manages to keep in touch with its customers, many of whom have driven their Zondas more than 62,000 miles. With that level of wear and tear, they’ll be wanting to go somewhere to not only maintain but restore their cars. Pagani figures they shouldn’t be going anywhere else for that service. Pagani’s team will restore one Zonda at a time, documenting every single process and signing any carried out activity.

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It’s during this process that these “artisans” will document images, drawings, and technical data and collect it all into a dedicated Pagani Rinascimento Book that matches the existing original one. This allows customers to certify the restoration process done by Pagani Automobili. "To bring back the light and the original splendor of these masterpieces, is a pleasure as well as a great responsibility,” said Horacio Pagani. “Our customers rely on us because we are the only ones in the world capable of rebuilding and restoring Paganis as they came out of our Atelier. We want to give our customers the emotion to be thrilled as the first time.”