Pagani Zonda 760 RS Caught on Video

Think the Zonda is out of production? Apparently not quite.

Two things: yes, we know the following video is a bit shaky and that official details are limited. However, we are able to see from this video the construction and testing of yet another Pagani Zonda. Despite the fact that the Huayra is the boutique supercar builder's most recent model, it appears that they still haven't fully given up on their beloved Zonda. If you skip ahead a bit to about the one minute mark, you'll be able to hear the 760hp AMG V12 engine ignite.

In fact, we also believe that Mr. Horatio Pagani himself (with the long white hair wearing a white sweater and jeans) is present in the video, inspecting yet another masterpiece of his.

Supposedly, this 760 RS is a one-off that's already been delivered to its new owner. Will there be additional Zondas built in the future? Our guess is yes and all you'll need is the required amount of cash.

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