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Pagani Zonda Barchetta Ownership Being Determined By Two Highest Bids

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Only three examples will exist. One goes to Horacio Pagani. The remaining two to the highest bidders.

Last August, the Pagani Zonda Barchetta was revealed at Pebble Beach. It's said to be the ultimate and final Zonda. Only three will be built. We already knew one will be going to Horacio Pagani, but what about the remaining two? More importantly, how much will each one cost? Truth be told, Pagani is not even so sure of the cars' worth, so that's why they decided to accept bids from a group of carefully selected and loyal existing owners.

Around 15 bids have been placed and the two highest will receive a car. This allocation method has never been done before, as far as we know, for a Pagani. A third party, most likely a law firm, handled the bidding war and kept everything confidential, even from Pagani. This way all fairness can be ensured and whoever is willing to pay the most will win one. Previously, we heard a rumor the Zonda Barchetta was worth around $10 million but, again, Pagani was not even able give it an exact price, hence the decision to let the "market" determine its value. Pagani also told us the two lucky owners will be announced this Friday, March 9.

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In the meantime, Horacio Pagani's personal Zonda Barchetta is on display here at Geneva in all of its glory. It's a stunning and brilliant finale for the Pagani model that started it all.