Pagani Zonda GR in Czech Wreck

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Disgruntled rival shows us that barricades and rare, competition-spec supercars don't mix.

As automotive enthusiasts by profession, we think any crash is a bit of a shame - even when it takes place during a race - but when we're the collision harms a rare exotic, well... we're not too proud to cry. During a race last weekend at the at the Autodrom Most circuit in the Czech Republic, a rare Pagani Zonda GR ran afoul of an Audi A4 DTM racer. According to reports emanating from Czech media, the Pagani racer driven by Antonin Herbeck had just passed Tomas Kostka in the A4 DTM racer when Kostka took put the Zonda into the wall at the final corner.

And just like that, a $1.4 million exotic was written off. Usually a driver would be penalized for such a blatant infringement, but instead he was given the first-place trophy when officials retroactively called it from two laps before when Kostka was in the lead. We don't condone violence, but someone needs to slap the smug off of Kostka's face.

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Built back in 2010 with some help from the guys over at Rock Media Motors, the Pagani Zonda GR racer features race-spec parts like a new suspension, bigger brakes, wheels and improved airflow for the Italian supercar's V12. It weighs in at about 2,400lbs. There is no telling whether or not the fierce green Pagani Zonda GR is finished for good or whether repairs are possible, but causing that much money's worth of damage (on purpose no less) while still getting the win is pretty much insult to injury from where we stand.

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