Pagani Zonda V12-Swapped Mazda RX-7 Shines At SEMA 2022

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The kit this car is wearing is not yet complete, but it still looks incredible.

At the beginning of this year, concept artist Khyzyl Saleem (better known as The Kyza) announced that a crazy render he had created would be coming to life. The render was based on the legendary Mazda RX-7 and integrated styling cues from some of Saleem's favorite RX-7 tuners, and through the Live to Offend brand, the kit will be produced in limited numbers. Now, on the occasion of the SEMA Show 2022, the first real-life version of the kit has been revealed, and it looks amazing. But what's even more special is that the build is powered by a V12 engine from a Pagani Zonda.

larry_chen_foto/Instagram larry_chen_foto/Instagram larry_chen_foto/Instagram larry_chen_foto/Instagram

The M120 V12 was crammed into the RX-7 by Gooichi Motors in Florida, and although the build is not yet 100% complete, this crazy creation is more than worthy of its place on the Toyo Tires Treadpass display. This is the same display that showed off Garage Active Japan's all-carbon-fiber R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R last year, and the builder of that creation, Kazushige Sakamoto, was clearly impressed by this RX-7 as he stopped by to take a closer look. It's taken a lot of work to build this beast, and many of the components had to be custom-made. For example, the billet dry sump pan was first created on a 3D printer and mocked up to fit. 3D printing (in metal) was also responsible for the 6-1 equal-length manifold collectors, while the wheels are a fresh take on the fifteen52 forged Bergmeister design.

larry_chen_foto/Instagram larry_chen_foto/Instagram

Although the car looks pretty good in these images, it only arrived back from painting just four days before Gooichi Motors was due to make the 44-hour drive to Las Vegas. There's also more work to be done to the motor, although it already features race heads with larger billet camshafts. Once it's ready, those 345-section Toyo Proxes RR tires on the rear will surely be incinerated with ease. As for the body kit, it's one of just 25 that will be produced, and carbon fiber is an option. However, we doubt you'll be able to outdo this particular take on the RX-7 unless you know somebody willing to sell you a wrecked Pagani Utopia. Hopefully, that is a crash we won't ever have to see, but if it eventually leads to more insanity like this, we could swallow that pill. larry_chen_foto/Instagram

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