Drag Race

Pagani Zonda Vs. Ford GT 720 Mirage on a Runway

It's a tuned supercar up against a boutique exotic, not something you want to miss.

There is nothing quite like a supercar shootout on a runway. The space allows for the cars to really run up to something approximating the astronomical top speeds these machines are capable of. The race you’ll see here is one which would ordinarily be pretty close, the Pagani Zonda vs. the Ford GT. But this is no ordinary GT, it’s the GT 720 Mirage, a tuned version of the car produced by the UK’s Avro Motor Cars with help from none other than Roush.

The GT now produces 720 horsepower, giving it something of an advantage over the Zonda’s 547 horsepower. Of course, horsepower numbers don’t tell the whole story, so enjoy the video.

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