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Pain And Anguish Is This Charred Lamborghini Countach

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OK, so it's a replica, but still.

A total of 2,049 Lamborghini Countachs were built between 1974 and 1990. Obviously not all of them are still around, but today we can report that yet another Countach bites the dust. Well, it was burned to a crisp, to be precise. According to The Telegraph, the Countach you see before you met its fiery end in the UK while traveling on the A370 road near Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset. Without question there was an engine fire, likely due to overheating. No human injuries were reported, fortunately, but the Italian supercar icon is clearly a goner. UPDATE: IT'S A REPLICA! See end of article for more details.

Look closely at the images and you'll see it's a right-hand drive model, which makes sense given the right scissor door remains open after the driver had to bail. So why did the V12 engine overheat? Look, this isn't the first (nor certainly the last) time we've seen Italian supercars burst into flames. Heck, any supercar with lots of power seems to be more vulnerable to catching fire than the typical mainstream car. Given that, it's a must for owners of supercars, especially classic ones, to have them regularly serviced by an experienced and specialized technician. These cars often require constant maintenance in order to prevent the very thing that brought this Countach's life to an end.

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The Telegraph claims that in the UK, a Countach like this one (a mid- to late-1980s model) goes for around 275,000 GBP, but this one is worth around 400,000 GBP, or around $534,000. It's hard to tell, but this could have been a Countach LP400 S, LP500 S, or LP5000 QV. Could have been. That's the key phrase right there. It's really no longer a Countach, but rather a mostly charred hunk of metal. Hat tip to 'jellis'. Photos courtesy of INS News Agency LTS

Update: It has come to our attention this Lamborghini Countach is a fiberglass-bodied replica. A few giveaways: The radiator is rather large for a V12-powered Countach. And speaking of engines, closer examination shows that's not a V12 but rather a pushrod V8. Also, though we haven't seen a bare bones Countach frame in person, the frame in question does not appear to be authentic. Sorry for any confusion, folks. Hat tip to Evie!