Painted People Contort into Car Crash

If you liked the body-painted motorcycle installation, you’ve got to check out this "concept car" made up of painted people.

We've all grown unfortunately accustomed to seeing car body panels all mangled up from crashes, but what if those body panels were actually body parts - as in human bodies? That's what the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia set to demonstrate with this publicity campaign. Following the painted-model motorcycle installation we brought our just a week ago, this exhibit centered around the larger task of recreating a crashed car out of body-painted people, orchestrated by Australian artists Emma Hack.

The project involved 17 painted models and athletes, along with some well-placed crates and sandbags to help fill out the form. The point they're driving home is that everyone has their part to play in helping to reduce road accidents, but as you can see from the video below, getting what looks like a giant game of Twister together didn't happen by accident.

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