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Panamera Sport Turismos Used To Transport $13.9M In Gold Bricks

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This is what would happen if The Italian Job got a German flair.

Close your eyes and ears and do whatever it takes to ignore any bad news about London. This is the safest city on Earth and despite the many dissenting opinions, ignore them because they are simply wrong. How do we know that? Because Porsche, looking to pull off a neat PR stunt to promote the adventurous lifestyle the Panamera Sport Turismo can bring about, decided to reshoot scenes from The Italian Job using Panameras as getaway cars and journalists as the drivers.

At the end of the day, not a single gold bar was stolen, proving our point. Surprisingly, this stunt wasn't just a commercial because these three Panamera Sport Turismos, painted in red, white, and blue as if they were Mini Coopers starring in a Peter Collinson (or Gary Gray) movie, were actually transporting $13.9 million worth of gold bricks from an undisclosed location in London to Hatton Garden.

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As we know well, Porsche Panameras aren't exactly equipped to take bullets and shrapnel like an armored car, but the large storage compartment afforded by the wagon rear and a self-leveling suspension system makes them uniquely capable of transporting about $5 millions in gold bricks apiece. Plenty of police made sure to fill the gaps between the three Porsches to provide that layer of protection those lightweight bodies don't. Between the pretty Porsches, a plethora of cops, and camera cars shooting it all, the operation was likely as inconspicuous as it could ever hope to be. But thanks to how safe London is, these cars were never in any danger.