Pandem's C8 Widebody Corvette is Pure Pandemonium

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As it would be from the makers of Rocket Bunny kits.

The C8 Corvette is a wild-looking machine from any angle, and its mid-engine layout gives it the appearance of an Italian exotic, but there will always be those that want an even more extreme look. The aftermarket scene for these cars is seriously heating up, and while some have ruined the C8 with undesirable paint jobs, others have tastefully added to its overall look, but none have come close to offering the kind of styling that Tra Kyoto, the Japanese tuner behind Pandem and Rocket Bunny, has created. In a series of renders, we can see what the company has planned for the C8, and it's definitely 'out there'.


It is clear that Tra Kyoto has gone with an all-out attack on the senses, and doesn't even try to keep things civilized or "classy". In fact, the Pandem C8 pictured here looks more like an RC racer than an actual sports car. Changes to the exterior are numerous, but we would start with the stance: it's bagged out and dropped to the floor, and rests on a set of massive six-spoke wheels. Details of the kit are scant, but from what we can tell from the photos, this car features wide body fenders, an aggressive front loop and massive side sills, as well as a rear wing that looks seriously like it belongs on the back of a modern Ferrari F40.

These renders should give potential customers an idea of what the real thing should look like, but Pandem and Rocket Bunny tend to stick close to the original renderings when building new kits. Pricing has not been announced yet, but looking at some of their other kits, we estimate it'll cost around $5,000 with the rear wing most likely carrying its own additional cost. There is no doubt that this is one of the wildest kits for the C8 Corvette yet, and should draw a lot of attention from American customers.

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