Papercraft Prodigy Produces Paper Pagani

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Fancy a Zonda for a couple of bucks? Make one out of paper.

The latest project from the man that has a paper Veyron and Audi A7 in his portfolio of amazing paparecraft creations is arguably his finest effort to date given the complex bodywork of the Pagani Zonda. The paper-made Pagani is an impressive 76cm in length and if you can follow the instructions, this is something that would absolutely awesome sat on your work top. Kits can be downloaded from creator Taras Lesko's website Visual Spicer, available in three colors of Jet Black, Aero Blue and Velocity Yellow for $1.95 a piece or $4.95 for the set.

And to see if you can handle the construction, there's even a free trial kit to get you started as well as an instructional video. The following time-lapse video shows the papercraft magician creating the Zonda in just over a minute. We suspect it may take you or I a little longer.

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