Video Game

Parallel Park a Virtual Honda Fit to Win a Real One

New promotion integrates 8-bit video game with real-life parking challenges.

In a new promotion for its 2015 Fit, Honda is inviting participants to compete in an online video game inspired by the 8-bit games from the 1980s and 90s. The game is an eight-level parallel parking challenge that increases in difficulty as you go along. Once the eight levels have been completed, winners will enter a sweepstakes to win a trip to California, where they will participate in the Honda Fit Challenge and complete in real-life parking tasks for the chance to win a 2015 Fit.

Whether you want one of these tiny Hondas or not, the online game is a great way to test your skills and kill some time. Here’s what you’re up against if you make it to the real-life event:

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