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Paralysis Led This Woman To Begin A Racing Career With A Porsche 911

And you’re damn right she’ll pass you on the race track.

It’s hard for many enthusiasts to know just where they got their love for cars, but it’s arguable that every enthusiast is born with the passion and all it takes is a small injection of inspiration to bring that love to life. Anything can spark it, be it the first time ever seeing a supercar in the form of a yellow Lamborghini Diablo or feeling like the Millennium Falcon going into warp drive at the launch of a highly modified Nissan 200SX SER.

For this woman, it was a debilitating accident that brought out her love for cars. Out of the 200 women in the UK with a racing driver’s license, Nathalie McGloin is the only one that is paralyzed.

Don’t let her gender or the results of her major spinal cord injury let you think for a second that it means she can’t totally pass you on the race track. The start of McGloin’s racing career happened when she wandered into a Porsche dealership in the UK and was just about to leave when a stray 911 caught her eye. After a friend played devil’s advocate, telling her that there’s no way in hell she could drive such a ferocious machine, McGloin decided to prove him wrong and bought the rear-engine sports car. As they say, the rest is history.

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