Parking A Ferrari LaFerrari In Your Living Room Is The Ultimate Power Move

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It's guaranteed not to get stolen now.

There are power moves, and then there is this: Some unknown person has parked a Ferrari LaFerrari in their living room. The photos were first shared by Magazin ProDriver CZ and while we can't confirm if they are legit, that certainly looks like a LaFerrari to us. It also looks like it's sitting in a living room, at least if the TV and couches are any indication. What kind of person parks a supercar in their living room? Well, perhaps a smart person. Think about it for a second.

The LaFerrari cost about $1.4 million when it was first released and is worth much more than that should one pop up on the secondhand market. That means it needs to be safely stored. Where else is safer than the living room? There's no chance for a fender bender or theft, both of which could happen if you left the supercar in the driveway or garage. We think this person is onto something, if the execution is a little haphazard.

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