Parking: Another Reason Why Not to Live in Moscow

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The parking problem in Russia has seen some interesting solutions take effect.

When you have a car parking problem in a built up city as large as Moscow, serious thought and consideration is the least you would expect of the authorities and city managers. To placate the proletariat one would hope new parking lots would be built and other such initiatives put into action. Not so in the Russian capital, where locals are waking up to more lines in their car parks and other designated areas; apparently being added at random.

As you can see from the set of snaps, there is not a chance in hell that cars are going to be able to get into some of these spaces, and good luck getting out once they reach capacity. Smart drivers should simply double park to avoid getting trapped, right? Well, this is already par for the course here as you can see from the photos where parking outside the lines is standard behavior, whilst off-road parking is taken to a new level. How someone parks reflects their persona and simply put when you see a car parked along three spaces, you know the owner is in need of a good slap.

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