Parking Your Car Next To A Lake With Freezing Waves Is A Harsh Winter Lesson

Think it'll still run?

A few days ago, upstate New York resident Justin Yelen parked his Mitsubishi Lancer in a restaurant parking lot and left it overnight. Big mistake. The next day he returned to find it completely encased in ice. That’s what happens when you leave your car next to Lake Erie and its freezing waves and mist; it was literally turned into an ice sculpture. The ice was so thick that it had to be chipped away very carefully after dousing the car in salt and hot water. A tow truck was later called in to pry the car free.

Fortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any body damage but it’s now at a garage being mechanically checked over and, of course, the defrosting continues. There’s now a partial ice sculpture shell of the car where it was parked.

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