PartyBuzz: 2007 BMW X5 Limo Up for Grabs on eBay

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A kidney grille, neon lighting and space for 15 passengers all amounts to one heck of a prom-night party bus.

2007 marked the launch of BMW's second (and current) generation X5 SUV. Boasting a slew of new technology and revised styling, the new X5 served its purpose well up until 2011 when it received a facelift. It's that pre-facelift X5 - in 3.0-liter inline-six spec - which one owner had chopped in half and converted into a limousine to make for the biggest Bavarian SUV to date. Now that party limo, showing 21,500 miles on the clock, has been listed on eBay for any potential buyer to snap up.

You couldn't miss the stretch job from looking at it from the outside, but it's the interior where the X5 limo really makes its mark, with black and tan trim, wood flooring, LED lighting, full bar, heated leather seats, sun roof and more. It reportedly cost over $65,000 to build, so you can be sure it isn't lacking any amenities. The owner says that the X5 limousine runs great and is currently located in Dearborn, Michigan - the same city that's home to Ford, which has seen plenty of its Excursion SUVs stretched into limos too. The one-of-a-kind vehicle is currently listed at $43,500.

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