Past And Future Collide In Retro-Inspired BMW CS Hommage

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The artist merges classic design with modern touches

BMW, like many other manufacturers, is currently experiencing its next renaissance as it transitions into an electric-focused company. Upcoming products such as the BMW i7 and XM are just a glimpse of what we might expect from the brand in the coming years in terms of design and technology but what has the Bavarian company got in store for us beyond its upcoming range?

Macedonian artist Dejan Hristov feels that in order to go forward, BMW has to look to its past. That's the basic premise behind his latest creation, which could quite easily become the foundation for a future BMW 8 Series Coupe when the halo model eventually goes electric. Dejan calls it the BMW GCS M (Gran Coupe S), a pseudo-successor to the E9-generation 3.0 CS.

Dejan Hristov/Behance Dejan Hristov/Behance Dejan Hristov/Behance Dejan Hristov/Behance

The BMW GCS design is an M Performance product proposal but it takes a much sleeker approach compared to the Bavarian performance brand's current design language. At the front, Hristov has detailed a pair of slim LED headlights that integrate into a prominent set of kidney grilles inspired more by the BMW 508 than the 328 that inspires the modern monstrosities. The flowing bumper is given a more aggressive presence thanks to a pair of air intakes positioned at either side. A simple M badge is placed below the grilles to affirm its performance status. At the rear, the designer keeps things just as simple with an LED taillight bar and a clean bumper design with an M badge similarly placed dead center.

The side profile shows strong relations to the 8 Series with a flowing roof and C-pillar that merges into the trunk. But it's those gullwing doors that steal the show.

Dejan Hristov/Behance Dejan Hristov/Behance Dejan Hristov/Behance Dejan Hristov/Behance

Key elements of this exterior comprise active grille shutters with varying visuals based on how they open or close, a 180-degree camera fitted to both front quarter panels, an active aero side skirt just before the rear wheels, and a bright set of taillight that shows off an array of patterns.

The cabin of the GCS takes the concept of in-car infotainment screens to a new level. Hristov explains that to create a 360-degree visual experience, high-definition screens are applied in pretty much every direction, spanning the full width of the dash and integrating into the doors themselves. These will be used by the driver to portray advanced visuals related to the driver-assist systems, as well as entertain the passengers, or create ambiance.

Dejan Hristov/Behance Dejan Hristov/Behance Dejan Hristov/Behance Dejan Hristov/Behance

He's elected to make use of a conventional steering wheel, not anything related to BMW's wild patents of late, and even the cockpit design itself is fairly simple, calling back basic design elements of the original E9 3.0 CS. The center console is clear of clutter, even making use of BMW's usual iDrive rotary control.

While this concept is just a fan render for now, it shows one of many possible design directions for BMW to take, one that doesn't involve butchering its history with monstrosities like the BMW XM. Dejan claims he sees this concept competing with other fast electric cars like the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT, and we can't help but agree with that notion. Just a pity BMW is unlikely to build anything like it.

Dejan Hristov/Behance Dejan Hristov/Behance Dejan Hristov/Behance Dejan Hristov/Behance

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