Patent Photos Reveal McLaren Sabre's Dramatic Styling

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A fresh batch of patent photos uncovers the hypercar's intricate bodywork.

There's a lot to get excited about at McLaren right now. Just a few days ago, the British marque's upcoming hybrid supercar was teased and we found out it would be called the Artura. Another supercar, which falls under the brand's Ultimate Series, is expected to be called the Sabre.

Previously referred to by its code name BC-03, the McLaren Sabre is anticipated to be an even more hardcore version of the Senna with styling derived from the McLaren Vision Gran Turismo Concept. We now have a clearer idea of the Sabre's styling thanks to patent photos shared by a user on Taycan EV Forum, reportedly from Japan's intellectual property office.

Smitty11/Taycan EV Forum Smitty11/Taycan EV Forum Smitty11/Taycan EV Forum

Based on previous spy shots of the Sabre being tested in California, it's pretty clear that these patent images are of the same car. Notable styling details that can be seen include an aggressively vented hood and slim headlights in front. There are lots of scoops and fins that hint at the Sabre's undoubtedly impressive aerodynamics, and based on earlier spy shots, the supercar will have dramatic dihedral doors.

At the back, there is a centrally-mounted exhaust outlet, a large diffuser, and an even larger rear wing. The rear three-quarter and top views best illustrate a long fin that runs from the wing and connects with the roof.

Smitty11/Taycan EV Forum Smitty11/Taycan EV Forum Smitty11/Taycan EV Forum

Although technical details are unconfirmed, the Sabre could be powered by the same twin-turbo V8 engine from the Senna. In that car, it delivers nearly 800 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque, but that's before adding the electric motors that are expected to bump up the Sabre's output to over 1,100 hp. Considering that the Senna can already reach 60 mph in under three seconds, the Sabre should be one of the quickest cars in the world when it arrives.

The hybrid powertrain is expected to power all four wheels. Hopefully, McLaren reveals more information about the Sabre soon. When it arrives, only a lucky few will be able to get their hands on one as just 15 units are reportedly in the pipeline.

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Source Credits: Taycan EV Forum

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