Pathfinder Technology Explores the Ocean Depths

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In yet another innovative design and engineering concept from UK-based Pathfinder Technology, it appears that now the firm is looking to explore the world's oceans. Founder Phil Pauley is known for his creative and entrepreneur spirit from past designs and this is certainly no different. The Transatlantic Seafloor Research Challenge has a goal of facilitating "further human interactivity within the world's oceans."

The vehicle consists of four wheels or tracks or even a combination of the two that will propel it on the seafloor. The plan is to have one rear and at least two side propulsion devices that will move the vehicle in mid-water. Electrically powered by lithium storage batteries that control life support and various other systems by use of a recharging umbilical cable, no waste will be able to leave the vehicle. Measuring between 10m - 15m long, 3m - 5m high, and 2m - 4m wide, the crew would consist of a pilot, co-pilot, and a communications engineer.

The goal of the Pathfinder is to cross the ocean floor in the fast time possible and to partake in endurance sub-sea research and exploration at depths of 4,000 meters, roughly 2.5 miles below the surface.

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