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Patrol Your Garage with Carbon Motors E7

Auction / 35 Comments

Even Jay Leno is interested in buying it.

You all remember Carbon Motors, that start-up police car automaker that once looked so promising then it suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth due to bankruptcy? Well, before production of the E7 cop car ever had a chance to get underway, there was one working prototype that was used for official photo shoots and other public appearances. It's the only E7 ever made and now it's heading to the auction block in an effort to help pay back the company's creditors. And funnily enough, this particular E7 isn't even street legal.

Power came from a BMW twin-turbocharged six-cylinder diesel engine, and the car itself was a high-tech display of all of the latest gadgets and crime fighting capabilities a modern day police officer would need. Problem was, the E7 was expensive, putting it way out of budget for most police departments. But this E7 may very well end up being highly collectible, and even Jay Leno has expressed interest in placing a bid. No word yet on what the starting bid is, but the car will likely find a new home quite easily.

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