Paul Walker Isn't The Only Fast And Furious Star Obsessed With Cars

And no, it's not Vin Diesel.

Many Hollywood stars are also gearheads, but Paul Walker was clearly a man obsessed with cars. At one point he nearly gave up his acting career to instead focus on racing and other interests. But there is another member of the "Fast and Furious" family who also happens to be quite the car guy. Sun Kang, better known as the character Han, loves cars, especially old Porsche 911s. Not so long ago, he and a group of friends thought it’d be a fun thing to buy an old Porsche and restore it together.

With the plan in place, it came time to get the car itself. Thing is, Kang has also always wanted a Datsun 240Z, one of the coolest cars from his youth. That 911 project instead became a 240Z restomod called "FuguZ" which will premiere at SEMA in November.

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