Paul Walker's Exotic Car Collection is Up for Sale


But not in the way many would expect.

It still hurts to write about the tragic passing of actor, gearhead, and philanthropist Paul Walker nearly six months after his fatal crash. Even the mention of his name brings a moment of sadness. But still, life goes on for everyone and Walker probably wouldn’t have it any other way. As matters of his estate are being settled, it’s being reported that about 30 cars from his Always Evolving exotic car shop are being put up for sale.

These include several BMWs, Audis, Mustangs and a few Porsches. However, the sales are being done very quietly and won’t be made public (ahead is the previously shown video of Matt Farah touring AE Performance).

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In other words, his cars won’t appear at any familiar auctions. Instead, the cars are being sold through private brokers. What’s more, his estate has requested for his name not to be used in connection with any of the sales. The reason is that his family and friends believe that Walker wouldn’t want his name or the memories of his accident used to jack up prices. The cars should be sold for what they’re worth, plain and simple. Always Evolving is working with the estate to organize the sale, which is already underway.