Paul Walker's Family Is Finally Getting Some Of His Stolen Car Collection Back

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That's the good news. The bad news is that some cars may still be missing.

Almost immediately after the tragic death of Paul Walker (as in about 24 hours later) over 30 of the actor's cars were stolen from a warehouse they were stored in. Details of the theft are murky but the mastermind of the theft was Richard Taylor, a man who worked at the warehouse and who sometimes helped Walker maintain the cars. The Walker family, understandably pissed, filed a lawsuit against Taylor. Now The Drive is reporting that the suit has just been settled.

The good news is that the family will be getting some of the cars back. The bad news is that it's not known how many cars will be returned. An attorney for the family said that the lawsuit "was settled amicably and one of the conditions is that we're getting things back." The attorney may be hedging as it's unknown how many of the stolen cars Taylor still has in his possession. There's a good chance he may have sold some or even be hiding a few to sell off later once the heat dies down. Either way, we're happy that Paul Walker's family will be getting some of his stolen collection back. We would have liked to see Taylor get jail time or suffer a massive financial hit, but we have a feeling that for a gearhead like Walker getting his cars back would be good

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