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Paul Walker's Spotless BMW M5 For Sale

eBay / 53 Comments

As you would expect of an AE Collection car, this M5 is in mint condition.

Ever since his untimely passing, we've seen Paul Walker's Always Evolving exotic car shop collection slowly be dismantled and put up for sale. Originally purchased from Walker and partner Roger Rodas back in 2011, the latest model is this spotless BMW M5. Currently being auctioned on eBay, the M5 has had five owners since it rolled off the production line in 2000. With just 51,250 miles on the clock it looks to be in superb condition.

The fact it was once part of the AE Collection makes the M5 desirable not only because of its celebrity owner, but because cars in the collection were handpicked and kept in immaculate shape. So if you're in the market for an E39 M5, don't hesitate to place a bid, which at the time of writing stands at $19,600.

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