Paul Walker's R34 Skyline From Fast & Furious Up For Sale

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The Japanese icon was piloted by the late movie star in the fourth instalment of the series.

In some pockets of the automotive community, the Nissan Skyline GT-R is a deity. For sheer desirability, nothing comes close to the Japanese legend, particularly the R34 generation. Platforms such as Gran Turismo and the Fast & Furious franchise have provided the JDM gem with a fiercely loyal following, and as a result, people are willing to pay through their noses to own one.

The late Paul Walker was particularly fond of the R34 Skyline, so much so that he insisted on driving one in two of the films, 2 Fast 2 Furious, as well as Fast & Furious. The Bayside Blue beauty seen here is the very car from the latter of the two movies and is expected to make one JDM fan very happy - it's expected to hit the auction block before year-end.

Offered for sale by GT-A International, the seller notes this 2000 GT-R is a unique example created by Kaizo Industries for use in the movie. The rest of the vehicles, used for stunts presumably, were fashioned out of body shells and made to look like this fully drivable Skyline.

GT-A International GT-A International GT-A International

This movie star car has several special touches. The 2.6-liter six-cylinder engine has been enhanced with a Turbonetics intercooler, while other modifications aim to improve the already excellent dynamics. Nismo lowering springs lend a more aggressive stance and Rotora brakes provide superior stopping power, thanks to a six- and four-piston setup at the front and rear, respectively.

The signature styling hasn't been tampered with drastically, but subtle changes have been made. The Nissan wears a Nismo Version II bumper, side skirts, and 19-inch Volk Racing RE30 wheels. There's also a Nismo NE-1 exhaust which amplifies the thunderous sound.

The focused cabin is filled with performance-minded accouterments, such as an Alcantara-trimmed Momo steering wheel, a custom roll cage, and a head-up display. Those who like to keep tabs on their car's vitals will adore the MFD Xenarc Display unit. It presents key information via gauges that have been programmed to the Skyline's ECU.

GT-A International GT-A International GT-A International

In the interest of weight saving, the rear seats have been removed. Up front, you'll find OMP racing seats with five-point harnesses. Hopefully, the lucky buyer shares a driving position with Paul Walker - the seat was fixed for filming purposes. It's not entirely stark, though. Nismo V-Spec NUR pedals lend some excitement to the cabin and, befitting a modded car of the era, there's a Sony head unit and a trunk's worth of sound system.

Unlike the infamous Silver and Blue example that appeared in the second installment, this model is comparatively subdued. Walker, who was reportedly involved in the design of this Skyline, wanted a more subtle, fuss-free vehicle. In other words, no vinyls or outlandish paint jobs. Rumor has it that the late actor refused to drive a "sticker bomber." Thankfully, he got his way, as this is probably one of the finest cars of the series.

GT-A International GT-A International GT-A International

With 6,000 km (approx. 3,278 miles) on the clock, there's plenty of life left in this legend. The seller notes it comes with a clean Florida title, which is interesting when you consider the Skyline isn't 25 years old and therefore isn't eligible for importation.

When it eventually heads off to auction, the sheer star power of this R34 Skyline will surely bolster appeal and attract incredible attention. We wouldn't be surprised if it breaks the current record for this generation, as people would be willing to part with large sums of cash to own this icon. The winning bidder will also receive a unique NFT-like digital art piece, inspired by the vehicle itself.

Sadly, the GT-R is living on borrowed time. The aging R35 was recently axed in several markets, leaving the new Nissan Z as the sole performance offering in many regions. But rumors suggest that an R36 is on the way - and that it won't be electric. We remain hopeful.

GT-A International GT-A International GT-A International GT-A International

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