Paying A $212 Speeding Ticket With Only Pennies Takes Some Balls

But does it make you a hero or a crybaby jackass?

Many people dream of sticking it to the man when they get a speeding ticket, but one guy actually did it. YouTuber Brett Sanders filmed himself paying a $212 speeding ticket entirely in pennies. The ticket was given by police in Frisco, Texas, for driving 39 mph in a 30 mph zone. Sanders tried to fight the ticket at trial and lost, which kicked off his crusade. This video runs nearly six minutes and shows Sanders unboxing and dropping off 22,000 pennies. That’s $220 worth of pennies.

The city actually called to tell him that they had his $8 in change waiting for him. Normally we like people who try and get one over on the system, but this guy acted like an ass. Seriously, how do you end the police state by forcing a clerk to clean the floor and spend an hour at a Coinstar machine?

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