Pedestrian Almost Bites It At The Ring: Is This Guy A Hero Or A Fool?

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Driver's briefings are there for a reason, learn the flags or pay the price.

There's always interesting and cringeworthy moments at the 'Ring, and they're usually captured on film by Auto Addiction, just like this hairy moment that could have been totally avoided. When a trackside marshall is waving a warning flag, he's not doing it for fun, he's doing it because there's a certain situation going down and the flag he's using is to communicate that to you. Why flags? Well because a text message would break your concentration.

When things do go south on your lap, you need to put your own safety first. Sure, it's a noble thing to try warn others, but if drivers are ignoring flags, chances are you're not going to help much either unless you're 9-ft tall and bright orange.

I do feel for the guy though, almost biting it in his car, then trying to save others from the same fate, then falling down an embankment. Notice how most drivers that see the warnings in time and save their cars from damage aren't driving BMWs. We're not saying anything about BMW drivers at track days of course. Or are we?

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