People Actually Wanted To Place Orders For Morgan's April Fools' Prank


In fairness, we want Morgan to make a MOGrod as well!

Plenty of carmakers were out in force with their April Fools' Day pranks this year - Mini made a hatch with scissor doors, Honda announced plans to launch emoji number plates in the UK and Skoda made an umbrella for dogs. Rest assured, they all brought a wry smile to our faces, but none of them made us scream out "Oh my God! It would be brilliant if someone actually put that April Fools' into production!". That is, until Morgan "unveiled" the MOGrod - and almost instantly, gearheads across the world started pleading Morgan to build the thing.

We're not over exaggerating or blowing things out of proportion when we say that, either. Morgan was in fact inundated with requests from prospective buyers who wanted to place an order down for a MOGrod. And for the record, we're not confusing them with the 250,000 fictitious people that Morgan stated had already filed a deposit for a MOGrod. Genuine Morgan enthusiasts were getting in touch with Morgan's sales team, asking how they could reserve one. Not only does it make Morgan's MOGrod prank even more brilliant, but the order inquiries could very well be the funniest thing to happen in the motoring industry on April 1 (apart from, you know, seeing people queue up so they could buy a car they won't be able to own until next year).

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It's worth pointing out, however, that Morgan has a track record with caving in to consumer pressure to build examples of a certain car. Anyone else remember the Art Deco-inspired AeroMax, and how that was originally a one-off model for a wealthy client before production was expanded by another 100 units? Therefore, when Morgan states on its social media feeds "maybe next year?" in regards to putting the MOGrod into production, a teeny bit of us wants to be really optimistic and hope that Morgan actually follows through with that ambiguous statement.