People Are Already Trying To Order The Porsche Taycan


Early bird gets the worm.

Aside from having a new name, we really don't have any details regarding the Porsche Taycan. We have seen the car in concept form, as both the Mission E and Mission E Cross Turimso, but Porsche has not revealed a production version as of yet. However according to Autocar, customers have already started to place their orders before seeing a production version of the car. It seems people are eager to get their hands of Porsche's first all-electric model.


UK managing director Alexander Pollich confirmed that orders for the Taycan have already been taken, but declined to to confirm exactly how many have been placed. "The reaction from customers has been fantastic - from the moment we announced the car to now, when we have asked customers to register their interest for the first cars. The history of Porsche began with an electric car in 1898 and that provides some inspiration and motivation for us. Of course there was a big gap, but we have led with the introduction of hybrids and now we will use our heritage and learnings to offer a class-leading electric car." he said.

It doesn't surprise us that people are eager to own one of the most hotly anticipated electric cars since the Tesla Model 3. Pollich explained that "the next 18 months will be fascinating, as we develop and reveal the car, but what is already clear is that customers are keen. They are talking to our dealers asking how to get to the top of the priority lists and asking to access more information." Hopefully Porsche can avoid the preorder fiasco that Tesla suffered when it could not meet initial Model 3 demand.


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