People Are Literally Dying To Ride In This Tesla


Considering the environment from (and to) the grave.

While some of us are lucky to be alive at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, others out there are having more fun at another show that, quite honestly, sounds dead boring. You wouldn't expect a car reveal at the 2016 Funeral Exhibition, but it happened and it's actually not too bad. Dutch-based custom car builders RemetzCar teamed up with funeral transport company Van der Lans & Busscher BV to produce the world's first all-electric hearse. It's just as cool as the Porsche Panamera hearse we showed you a while back.

We think this hearse should convince Tesla to offer a wagon option. People love wagons, and it would make conversions like this easier to do.

At RemetzCar the Tesla Model S was stripped of it's battery and sawn in half before being stretched out to 18.8 feet and rejoined. The design of the, well, load bin, flows with the rest of the car to make it look like a Tesla factory effort. The work looks flawless in the pics, but that should be the case with a company that's been doing this for 118 years. As seen in the video, the interior of the back section looks very upper class, but it could be lined with fur and cheese, you wouldn't know (or care) because you'd be dead. We'd like to think that if we chose this way to say farewell to the world, that the driver, or the car itself, would take us to the graveyard using nothing but Ludicrous Mode.

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