People Are Smack Talking Chris Evans Right Now


Yes, it has to do with Top Gear.

Last night on BBC the premiere of the revamped Top Gear aired, and the first feedback is coming in. Now, the Chris Evans and crew Top Gear will air tonight on BBC America, so if you live in the US and plan to tune in, you may want to stop right here. We don't want to give too many details away. But here it goes anyway: Overall, Top Gear is still Top Gear. It'll take some getting used to without Clarkson, Hammond, and May at the helm, that's for sure. But how did lead host Chris Evans do? Well, right now viewers aren't won over.

In fact, many don't like his style, period. The Mirror is reporting on a number of comments coming in from Twitter and, well, Evans is certainly no Clarkson. "Chris Evans is narrating like he's talking to a simpleton," said one person. "If Chris Evans didn't speak this might actually be good," wrote another. "Not a fan of Evans' commentary, he sounds too patronizing. Fake emphasis throughout all of it," another chimed in. Some even felt Evans was trying too hard to be like Clarkson: "It seems like he's trying to be Clarkson" and "5 minutes in and it's clear that Chris Evans is just trying to be Jeremy Clarkson." This one was harsh: "A poor man's Clarkson at best."

The Blackpool challenge between Evans and co-host Matt LeBlanc also didn't impress everyone. Many thought it was nothing more than a copy of what's already been done. Oh, and LeBlanc's Ariel Nomad segment? Fans quickly realized a similar dune buggy race was done back in 2005. Obviously this was only the first episode of the reborn Top Gear and the new hosts will hopefully find their rhythm soon enough. If not, well, there's always The Grand Tour coming this fall.

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